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The site offers : 

The milomusic site is an online label created and maintained by artists for artists and their audience. The site allows independent and up and coming artists to promote their work.

Here's how and why it works:

For the audience, the site offers a risk free way to check out new artists- the Real Audio streaming files and CD quality mp3 files are free for personal use.

For the artist, the site offers an opportunity to promote and share work that might not otherwise be getting out there given the relatively conservative nature of the traditional music business.

For the traditional music business (the traditional record labels, manufacturers, distributers, promoters and retailers the site offers... nothing!  So sorry!  But that's why the costs are so low!


 All files are legal and are used with explicit permission of the artist. Where available, direct links are made to the artists own website and email links are posted as well.

Since its inception in 1999, over 500,000 visitors have enjoyed!

Remember, we actually encourage you to download files, burn a CD, put them on your iPod, etc, so long as it is for personal use. At the same time, we encourage you to consider being kind to the artists featured on these pages by visiting their site and purchasing a CD or other merchandise.


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