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Michael Khouri


Introducing Michael Khouri, a singer/songwriter in the tradition of  Elvis Costello, Chris Isaak and Paul Simon...

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        Wishing Well (2.6 MB mp3 file) off the Two Places at Once CD

a 2.6 MB file will take approximately 15 minutes to download on a 28.8 kbps modem

Wishing Well (streaming)


Listener comments:

Impressive, timeless song from a very talented artist ... From a Seekonk (the town, not the group) fan. SHS '73

Cool, has possibilities.

very beautifully done thanks for the music michael

This puts me in the mind of early solo Lennon- but the recording is sweeter. The song is very appealing and well written

Very pleasing, soothing melody! Obviously, Michael is very talented! Looking forward to Wishing Well being a hit!

"Two Places at Once" has a very haunting, catchy melody line, that leaves the listener humming the tune hours later. Highly recommended. I've given it about 5 listens so far, and haven't gotten enough yet. I should have the words memorized soon! PJ Lewis

Michael builds a monument to regret with ''Wishing Well''.....i feel the power of Dylan in his lyrics.

Love the Lyrics! Great Songwriter! To Bad you didn't put a sample of Anthony on here. You truly know how to capture a feeling with words. Kudos on the CD. Lady KT.

I have this CD, personally autographed by Michael! I love his song and think he's very talented and a super friend! Polly.

It's always difficult to make comments that might seem to have negativity associated with them, but at the same time the input can often be helpful to the artist. That being said, I offer the following: This is a really good song from a lyrical and melodic standpoint. The absence of a bridge bothers me, though, because it would provide a break from the melodic ideas already stated. If there were a bridge before the last chorus, the chorus would have a renewed impact. Also, the doubled vocal is cool but it gets a little tiresome. Maybe if the chorus were doubled but the verse just a single voice in the center. These are just my humble opinions - great song, Michael!



Two Places at Once(2.7 MB mp3 file) also off the Two Places at Once CD

a 2.7 MB file will take approximately 16 minutes to download on a 28.8 kbps modem

Two Places At Once (streaming)

Listener comments:

I'm 17 and I love it and if its cool I'd like to write a movie around it...crappy love story, that cool?

This song is absolutely beautiful , it makes u calm and peaceful , a great talent and a great song which makes it a wonder to listen to!

Thanks to you michael this world is a more beautiful place to be....karen true it does not have to be real...elegant simplicity... these are the words that came to my mind when I listened to"Two Places At Once". Absolutely Wonderful!! Thank you Michael... 0;) Shybumi

what does it mean?...wonderful melody!

Beautiful song!!!!!!

Mike, I would just like to say that the two places at once fits my life perfectly. I have just left my boyfriend and the song is exactly what I went through. It's been tough but listening to your music has
helped me through the turnaround. Thank you so the way, you are an excellent performer as well. I have never heard a voice like that. You are an inspiration to us all. Your little buddy. Missie

Very nice tune :) Glad I'm not in a bummed out mood though. Working on a web site. No time for buming out.

Love the song, michael -two places at once- and you have a really nice voice.


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Wishing Well
Two Places At Once

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