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Contemporary Folk/Rock Songster

   Scott Allen


New Africa Road


New Africa Road was recorded between 1994 and 1996 in the Mississippi delta. The CD, mastered and released in 2004, was officially Scott's first CD. A mix of folk and rock, the CD's twelve songs are a milestone in the development of Scott's self-written, self arranged, self-produced, self-mixed and self-mastered process.

The CD is available for purchase: Send a check or money order for US $10 payable to Scott Allen, PO Box 7307, Cumberland, RI 02864 (For overseas, send me a note with a return email address via the feedback section- we'll work something out).

In the following songlist, I currently only provide four mp3's. I'll work on that.


Song List

Where We Stand (mp3)

Break The Mirror

I Will Walk With You

If I Needed To

Is Anyone Home?

Lady Luck

My Wall

My Wandering Eye (mp3)

Part of You

This Love Knows (mp3)

You Are (mp3)

Sweet Boy



Great additions to the website! The pix are great and the New Africa Road page is a nice addition. I saw it and said, "Hey, I actually have a copy of that CD!" My favorites are still 'You Are" and "Is Anyone Home." Sheila


Sam Simmons, my father-in-law, in the field beyond our front yard on New Africa Road in 1994.


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